Callen Schaub x Olivia Steele Collaboration

Callen Schaub Art and Studio Olivia Steele have teamed up for a collaboration to kick-off 2022.

Callen Schaub, a Canadian artist known for his relentless positivity and irreverent use of color, has paired up with Olivia Steele, a multi-medium artist known for her thought-provoking light installations,  to present a collection of 3 gas canisters titled "Light The Way", "Light It Up", "Light My Fire".

Callen and Studio Olivia Steele have chosen to combine their renowned mediums and techniques that brought them to prominence in order to create a unique series of sculptural art. This collection is the first of it's kind, and is limited to the 3 canisters available. Prices start at $17,000 USD, and all sale inquiries are to be made to callen@callenschaub.com or studio@steeletheshow.com

Each piece is $17,000 USD*

Costs for crating and freighting are an additional expense. Rates depend on destination.

PLEASE NOTE: the $2500 USD/$3190 CAD up front charge is the deposit to secure your tank. The remaining balance of 14,500 USD due at a later time specified via email

*to proceed with the artwork acquisition you must pay the $3190 CAD deposit here on callenschaub.com which is a binding contract to purchase, the remainder will be paid via transfer. The purchaser will be contacted by the studio to facilitate payment and shipping logistics. 


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