Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Each question and answer is time stamped below:

0:18 What type of paint do you use? What brand of paint? Do you mix anything into your paint? Acrylic paint by @triart.mfg , no additives.

0:42 What do you think of others doing your style? Love it.

1:19 Did you go to school? @esa_contemporary_art & @ocaduniversity

1:48 Why do you 'waste' paint? I don’t .

3:50 Who inspired/inspires you? My team: G @lacedwithsparkles, MGMT @kyle_kofsky, my Mom, canvas producer @faux_cadres_canal_stretchers, paint @triart.mfg, design & transport @blackonblackdesign

5:32 How do you come up with prices? Prices are determined by artwork size and always increase over time based on career growth.

6:51 Where are you from? Toronto and Montreal

7:24 What happens with the paint splatter? It is captured on canvases on the walls and floor.

8:02 Where did you get your spin machine? DIY.

9:49 How do you attach the canvas to the spin machine? "C" clamps

10:14 How did you discover your method? In second year university experimenting and trying to be different.

11:59 Is anyone else in your family creative? Yes, everyone is.

14:17 What social cause is close to your heart? #masks4all & anti-cyberbullying

17:28 What is your favorite color? ALL THE COLORS

19:07 Do you have any advice or tips for emerging artists? Be Prolific, be authentic, surround yourself with positive influences, document everything, tell everyone about your mission, update your website and take advantage of social media. And don't forget to enjoy the journey.

21:51 How long have you been an artist? Since '95

22:45 How long does it take for the paint to dry? 24-48h to 3-4 days

23:53 How long does it take you to finish a painting? A lifetime/ a few minutes. 24:55 Do you sell your work? Where can I buy it? Yes, callenschaub.com

25:28 Do you sell your pants? NFS

25:38 Are you going to come to my country to perform? Yes

26:27 Do you listen to music when you paint? No

27:30 Do you ship internationally? Yes

27:36 How old are you? 29 (born in 1990) 

27:44 What is your favorite painting you made? "Effusion"

28 :22 How do you find inspiration when you are uninspired? Keep painting.

29:43 Whats next? Live everyday 6pm EST

30:02 Do you sell prints? No, coming late 2020. Sign up for the newsletter to know when.

30:16 Where do you get your canvases? @faux_cadres_canal_stretchers & @deserres

30:44 How do you title your work? I have a criteria for titling that I work on collaboratively with my Mom.

32:13 Who does your hair? @hairbymissmonoxide & @hairbysamto

32:52 Do you teach classes? No

33:23 Where can I see your work in person? @agotoronto and Art Basel Miami

34:20 Can I come to your studio? No

34:38 Do you ever paint with a brush? No

35:16 Who is your favourite artist? Me.