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Callen Schaub Art Inc.

Väli, 149 Hz

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Inspired by Ernst Chladni experiments in the 18th century. Revealing that sound frequencies can shape matter on a vibrating plate into geometric patterns, known as Chladni figures. By vibrating this plate at 149 Hz with a violin bow, glitter reorganizes into nodes, where the vibration is still. Science at play, celebrating the vastness of our universe with gentle curiosity. 

"Väli, 149 Hz

1st piece in a new series exploring frequencies. 149 Hz was the frequency or tone the Chladni plate was vibrated at.

Title meaning: Väli is the Finnish word for gap, or interval.

Dimensions: 36”x36”

Materials: glitter & acrylic on canvas on panel

Price: $7000.00 CAD

signed and dated on reverse and comes with a COA (certificate of authenticity)