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Callen Schaub

Splendorous Day

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This is the finale piece of the ‘Color Therapy Collection’ trilogy (Phase I, II, & IIII ‘Love Series’).
Back in January I took month off social media for mental wellness. And returned to embark on the series entitled the ‘Color Therapy Collection’, exploring the spectrum and each chroma’s effects on feelings and emotions. The first canvas of the saga was this heart which I painted with UV reactive paint(only visible under UV light) revealing an otherwise invisible message: ‘Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.’ Intended to open and further a conversation around mental health and mental wellness. That somewhat secret message now rests 6 months later under a rainbow of color, only visible through its texture in the finale painting “Splendorous Day”.

“Love Series” Palette № 12 - Rainbow (all the colors)

Materials: acrylic on heart panel
Original artwork dimensions: 89” x 80”
Price: $50,000.00 CAD
Signed and dated on back & comes with COA (certificate of authenticity)