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Callen Schaub


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Materials: acrylic paint on canvas

Dimensions: 5’x16’

Price: $15,000.00 CAD

Signed and dated on underside & comes with COA (certificate of authenticity)

Collaboration with Veronika Radolovich


Veronika (Sparkles) Radolovich Artist statement: 

“Art gives me joy. As an artist with over two decades of formal training in classical ballet, modern, and jazz, my art is an amalgamation of large-scale canvas, body art, rhythmic gymnastics, and dance. I’ve evolved from being the model for painters to expressing my own emotions on canvas.

Performance is the critical element in my body of work, an aspect I can control and share. As a survivor of sexual assault and PTSD, my work is a literal and symbolic reclamation of my body and soul. Each performance showcases how movement can aid and heal trauma.

I hope to inspire others through my work. Where I previously felt I did not have a voice, performance art has become my loudspeaker.”