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Callen Schaub


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“Antithesis” was created and then destroyed by abstract performance artist Callen Schaub. The physical painting no longer exists. Schaub’s 24 second video performance lives on as the artist’s first NFT.

View the NFT here. 

Original painting: “Antithesis”
84"x144" acrylic on canvas panel
Video performance: 24 seconds on 2021/04/30
Aspect ratio: 1080 ×1920

Antithesis: the first and the past

A Schaub first, commemorating the permanence of artwork, this painting no longer exists in the physical—the performance lives on in the abyss.

What is real, is real to your existence; the smoke is for future generations to appreciate - created for the children of your children’s children. A rainbow of “Fake Art” for you, a “Fake Art” bygone for generations to come.